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Google Halted Chinese Data Collection Program After Dragonfly Backlash

Google has halted a data collection project in China and struck a noteworthy hit to the disputable Dragonfly project, concurring to a new report from The Intercept. As per the report, Google is as yet inquiring about Chinese web searches with an end goal to launch a search engine that agrees to the nation’s censorship regime, despite the fact that an official launch appears to have been inconclusively deferred. Be that as it may, notwithstanding widespread opposition within the organization, Google executives covered one of the project’s most focal information sources, making the ongoing work unquestionably more troublesome.

In August, The Intercept reported that Google had set up a fake search engine at as a way for looking into the Chinese market. Any questions made through 265 would be diverted to the Chinese Baidu search engine, so it wasn’t extremely helpful as a product — however, it gave Google a profitable window into what Chinese users would probably look for. It likewise created noteworthy internal issues, with numerous representatives seeing the site as a flag for Google’s advanced Chinese ambitions.

As per the new report, 265 was closed down quickly, and the rest of the Dragonfly team is confronting noteworthy challenges advancing the project without the data source. In the months that pursued, Dragonfly has turned into a flashpoint for worker protests within Google, with more than 400 Google representatives signing a letter contrary to the project. A different gathering of employees signed a similar letter in support of the project.

Google’s work in China was a topic of intrigue when CEO Sundar Pichai appeared before the House Judiciary Committee last week. Goaded by legislators, Pichai over and over said the organization had “no plans” to launch a search product in China — a statement that is consistent with ongoing development with no official release date.

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